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Barbarian NXL---1/8th Nitro Powered Monster Truck---Item No.: A3019T
  • The Barbarian NXL is a fully built, fully featured, top of the range 1/8 scale off-road monster truck, and comes with many feature
    enhancements to make this a superb nitro model. This is the Pro version and it is fitted with high quality components - such
    as an aluminium tuned pipe, is 4WD and equipped with a powerful .25 nitro engine!

    It has huge 16mm super big bore oil aluminum shocks, designed to smooth the ride as it speeds over the terrain of your choice;
    these in turn are secured to the aluminium chassis by a hardened aluminium shock tower. Couple this with the ultra-strength
    front and rear bumpers and you have a model that should withstand pretty much everything you can throw at it!

    Although no model is indestructible so we stock a full range of spares and upgrades to enhance and repair your model should a
    mishap occur! The Barbarian NXL is built using advanced components and innovative engineering to get the best performance
    out of your package. It has a newly developed C-hub steering system, where the king pin axis extends to the wheel centre; this
    feature improves steering performance. It has a specially designed suspension system, with twin adjustable rear suspension
    modes which allows for a flexible driving mode and a smooth driving mode.

    Part of its performance is due to the lightweight ultra-compact gear box; this has a low centre of gravity, assisting with grip and
    control. The gearbox is also built to be highly durable, so that it can cope better with the hard knocks associated with monster
    truck use. It has been engineered with a gear ratio that offers both superb acceleration and a high top speed. Not only this but
    the gearbox consists of all steel gear and is of a pinion design which makes it easier to maintain and repair.

    The barbarian NXL is built around a narrow, but solid aluminum chassis; this centralised chassis design allows quicker steering
    and faster response. The blows are cushioned by the 16mm super big bore oil shocks, see pictures above. It also has fully
    adjustable sway bar ball cups, for customisable and better traction and stability, depending on whether you're speeding across
    tarmac or roughing it over gravel and tougher terrain. Additionally the front bumper is built so that it moves backwards on impact,
    this can prevent the chassis from becoming distorted or even broken when landing after jumps. All the connective tierods are

    Its 1/8th scale length of 550mm and 28mm of ground clearance mean this nitro truck is a real big boys toy - you will enjoy this!

  • Height: 232mm
    Length: 568mm
    Track F/R: 445mm
    Wheel base: 347mm
    Ground clearance: 84mm
    Gear Ratio: 8.95
    Engine: SH.25
    Servo: High torque 15kg with metal gear

    4WD, RTR, nitro powered monster truck;
    C-hub steering system, king pin axis extend to the wheel center improves steering performance;
    Developed suspension system, twin adjustable rear suspension modes for flexible driving mode & smooth driving mode;
    Lightweight ultra-compact gear box with a low center of gravity and high durability; front bumper's backward movement, protect chassis distorted even broken when landing after jumps;
    6061-T6 solid aluminum chassis, centralized chassis design to get quicker steering and fast response;
    Reasonable gear ratio, offers better acceleration and higher speed;
    Easy to maintain and repair pinion gearbox;
    Fully adjustable sway bar ball cups;
    Hardened alum. shock tower;
    High torque steering 18kg servo with mental gear;

    All steel gear;
    Alum. muffler and painted PVC body;

    Front CVD; all ball bearings.

    1/8 scale nitro powered Truck
    Instruction Manual
    2.4G T&R

    Glow Starter

    Nitro fuel
    4 x AA Batteries and 4 x AAA Batteries