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Werewolf---1/8th Brushless Buggy---Item No.: A2015T-1
  • Our highest spec electric radio controlled car is the all new 1/8th brushless Werewolf. Designed with pro racing in mind this model will allow you to race and win at a National level. It's feature packed with many new exclusive innovations found only on this model that puts it ahead of the competition. The brushless setup with big powerful motor and 11.1V li-po battery allows the Werewolf to go well over 50mph as standard out of the box and then the upgradeable setup including the option to add an extra three batteries means the potential of the buggy is endless. For a race though a model needs to be quick on the corners as well as the straight and the Werewolf certainly has that covered with the highly adjustable settings and high spec design making it an all round race winner.

    The Werewolf comes in two different versions, standard and pro. Although very similar the pro version has been upgraded with sway bars and front CVD shafts fitted as standard. The pro version also has aluminium shocks with adjustable turnbuckles whereas the standard has plastic shocks.

  • Width: 310mm
    Height: 185mm
    Length: 505mm
    Track F/R: 310mm
    Wheel base: 315-320mm
    Ground clearance: 30mm
    Weight: 3000g
    ESC: 100A waterproof brushless
    Motor: 3660 size kv2045  waterproof brushless
    Servo: 15kg high-torque steering servo

    3 diff. shaft drive 4WD;
    100A waterproof ESC, 3660 size motor and 15kg waterproof  high torque servo with metal gear;

    C-hub steering system. King pin axis extend to the wheel centre improves steering performance;
    Developed suspension system. twin adjustable rear suspension modes for flexible driving mode & smooth driving mode;
    Lightweight ultra-compact gear box with a low center of gravity and high durability. Front bumper's backward movement, protect chassis distorted even broken when landing after jumps;

    Motor mount, not only keeps motor cool, but also protects the motor when jumping and bashing;
    6061/T6 main chassis;
    All steel gears;

    All linkages set with adjustable turnbuckle;
    Reasonable gear ratio offers better acceleration and higher speed;
    Ajustable high-downforce wing for better rear end down force and stability;

    1/8 scale Buggy
    Instruction Manual
    2.4G T & R

    Charger for Li-poly battery
    3s 3200mah Li-poly battery

    4 x AAA Batteries