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Condor---1/10th Nitro Powered Buggy---Item No.: A3001T
  • Acme Condor is a favorite amongst racers of all ages and interests. Known for its fast acceleration, the Condor also boasts an assortment of attractive color schemes, all painted over a sturdy body that sits atop premium adjustable shocks. Its high torque servos and four-wheel drive, powerful engine can shoot the Condor to speeds up to 55 mph.

    The Condor is highly recommended for first-time racers or for racing vets who want a cheaper buggy to experiment with and customize. Because of its fast acceleration and speeds, it might be a little easy to crash into wayward walls, luckily the Condor is also built to be hardy and durable, able to withstand most crashes without crippling damage. Engineered to be responsive and fast, it can run with the best on the racetrack, or forge new paths off-road, where no buggy has gone before!

  • Fully assembled, ready to run
    Width: 267MM
    Height: 153MM
    Length: 424MM
    Track F/R: 270MM
    Wheel base:270MM
    Gear Ratio: 8.35:1
    Wheel Dia: 88*34(F)mm; 88*41(R)mm
    Ground Clearance: 27MM
    Engine:.18 powerful engine

    Servo: 4kg high-torque servo.

    1/10 scale nitro powered buggy, 4WD shaft drive system;
    Fully assembled, ready to run;
    Durable & powerful .18 engine;
    Front/rear differentials with good quality bevel gears;
    Light-weight alum. flywheel allows for quick engine response;
    Single speed, can upgrade to two speed;
    Oil filled and adjustable shock absorber, plastic or alum. for your choice;
    75cc fuel tanks as competition standard;
    Disc brake system provides quick brake response;
    Pre-trimmed aggressive durable tires;
    Front/rear bumper provide good protection against accident impacts;
    Front/rear sway bar system;

    Hop ups in alum. Available. 

    1/10th scale nitro powered buggy
    Body Decal Set
    Instruction manual
    2.4G T&R

    4*AA Batteries and 4*AAA Batteries

    Glow Starter
    Nitro Fuel

  • Hop ups: