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NB16---1/16th Mini Nitro Powered Buggy---Item No.: A3007T
  • The NB16 is an incredibly detailed and feature packed model with adjustable and threaded oil filled shocks, adjustable suspension top link length as well as adjustable roll centre with anti roll-bars!

    These models can be raced almost anywhere and there are now even dedicated tracks and events. It's also great fun just to make a back yard course out of anything you can find around the house and in no time you'll have your garden converted into an action packed track! Acme is the first company in the world to release a mini nitro buggy and the NB16 is still the market leader. No radio controlled car collection is complete without one of these. The NB16 nitro cars come fully built with all radio equipment included. If you want a model that you can race both seriously at tracks but also have some fun with at home then this is the model to go for.

    As compact as this buggy is, in the pictures above you can see the grub screw through the front wishbone which can be adjusted to limit the amount of "droop" the suspension has. All four corners of this car have this feature which helps to fine tune the handling characteristics. This buggy is clearly focused on maximum fun and performance in equal measure. We have lots of parts and upgrades for this model so you can customize and upgrade it to make it even better.

  • Specifications:
    Width: 187MM
    Height: 108MM
    Track: 126MM
    Length: 232MM
    Wheelbase: 177MM
    Gear ratio: 11:1
    Engine: New Powerful SH .07 nitro engine
    Radio: 2.4Ghz Radio set included
    Wheel dia.: 70mm
    Ground clearance: 18MM

    Fully assembled,ready to run.

    4WD shaft driven system
    Powerful SH .07 engine,durable pull-starter for easy starting.
    Front and rear sway bar system
    High torque mini servos
    All ball bearings
    Oil filled and adjustable shock absorber ,​Aluminium or plastic , for your choice
    Adjustable linkage design, 
    Single speed can upgrade to 2-speed
    Adjustable suspension droop
    Bevel gear differentials

    AAA battery case for receiver
    38cc fuel tank
    Alloy upgrade parts available

    1/16th Scale Nitro Powered Buggy
    Instruction Manual
    2.4G T&R

    4 x AAA Batteries
    Glow starter
    Nitro Fuel