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NB16SE---1/16th Nitro Powered Buggy --- Fully Metal Version---Item No.:A3007T-SE
  • If you want a race ready model with all the main upgrades pre-installed then this is the perfect. The NB16 Special Edition is the top of the range Acme model with many hop ups installed as standard. With all the aluminum upgrades and performance enhancing parts the NB16 becomes a stronger and better performing model.

    We have taken a standard NB16 and then crammed it with all the best optional parts. Top that of with the visual enhancements of the red machined aluminum parts and polished aluminum exhaust and you have got one awesome looking and performing Buggy.

    As well as all the features found on the standard NB16 nitro Buggy this SE version includes the following:
    ·Aluminum upper wishbones
    ·Aluminum lower wishbones
    ·Aluminum knuckle arms
    .Aluminum bracket C
    .Aluminum bearing support brackets
    ·Polished aluminum pipe

    .Alum. servo saver complete
    ·Aluminum shock towers
    ·Alum. oil filled adjustable shock absorbable
    .Two speed
  • Specifications:
    Wheel DlA.: 80*30mm
    Ground clearance:18mm
    Ground Ratio:11.2:1
    Wheel Dia.:70mm
    Engine:07 engine

    1/16 scale nitro powered buggy, 4WD shaft drive system;
    Fully assembled, ready to run, drive very flexible;
    Powerful 07 engine, durable pull-starter for easy starting;
    Alum. chassis;
    Front and rear sway bar system; Fully ball bearing; high torque mini servos;
    Solid universal joint cup/high performance ball bearing complete;
    Durable off road tires and spoke wheel rims;
    Alum. oil filled adjustable shock absorbable;
    Adjustable linkage design, 2-speed;
    Adjustable toe/rebound stop;

    Bevel gear differentials
    38cc fuel tank.

    1/16 scale nitro powered Buggy
    Instruction Manual
    2.4G T&R


    4 x AAA Batteries
    Glow Starter
    Nitro Fuel